About Us

who are we

Golden Line Elevators was established since 2007

We provide outstanding services in the field of supply, installation, operation, maintenance and modernization of the elevator with a new concept and designs based on dimensions and developed to meet all the needs of our valued customers. We always strive to be at the forefront of the elevator companies

Our products:
Passenger Lifts - Escalators - Gearless Elevators - Hospital Lifts - Elevators Services - Home Lifts - Hydraulic Lifts - Restaurants Elevators - Outdoor Lifts

Our Vision:

We always strive for excellence and excellence among all elevator companies, depending on the quality - cost and time. Where we follow the highest engineering standards, design, implementation and the best human competencies

Our Values:

Belonging - honesty - workmanship - creativity

Our Mission:

We are passionate about what we do which is to satisfy our customers and this is our first goal and not just profit

Our Goals:

We always strive to maximize the elevator industry through a broader and more comprehensive view to form a customer base of all categories to support us in developing our business. We also put in the forefront of our concerns may not be concerned by some companies such as punctuality and the provision of technical support and after-sales services such as the guarantee provided after the operation of the elevator.